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CDs (£7.50 single/£14.50 double includes postage and packing)
All material biodegradable and compostable or multiple use.
Please email for stock availability and payment details: info@electricbackroom.org.uk
Before sending any money.

CD - Multiple Use
Card Cover - 100% recycled material.
Bio-film Bag - renewable corn/potato starch.
Sealer - cellulose.

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'confluence :: SAMPLER' - various artists (2022)
Sonic exploration and experimentation performed by local and visiting artists. Wireless headphone concert.
Saturday 10th September 11am - 4.30pm, Walford Mill Crafts, Dorset.
Microfestival of experimental sound organised and curated by
Adrian Newton and Lynn Davy.
Full concert available to download on BandCamp.

CD available from the Studio £7.50


'The Language of Birds' (2022)
Richard Mabb: readings
more spoken voice downloads by Richard Mabb

David Rogers: field recordings

cover drawing by Rosie Britton

CD available from the Studio £7.50


'sound fishing [4]' (2022)
Recorded by David Rogers at The WaterShed [artist residency] with Adrian Newton and Lynn Davy, Friday 8th - Sunday 10th April 2022. The WaterShed - an ecologically designed, experimental station for climate-focused residencies and Cape Farewell's HQ in Dorset.

CD available from the Studio £7.50


'World Listening Day' (2020)
Compiled from artists' responses to World Listening Day, 18th July 2020.
various artists: Marjorie Van Halteren, Adrian Newton, David Rogers, Eva & Amalia Fahle-Clouts, Mandy Rathbone, Marcus Leadley, Megan Dunford, Sally Lemsford and Jo Burlington.

CD available from the Studio £7.50



'World Rivers Day' (2020)
Compiled from artists' responses to World Rivers Day, 27th September 2020.
various artists: Eva Fahle-Clouts, Pete Treglown, Jemima Talbot-Rogers, Adrian Newton, Mandy Rathbone and David Rogers.

CD available from the Studio £7.50



'The museum of ecoacoustic phenomena' (2019)
volumes 1 (live double CD)
Museums are traditionally places of silence. Artefacts displayed in glass cases become objects solely of visual contemplation, even though sound is a central feature of our culture and society. To tell the story of modern science, we therefore need to make more of a noise.
various artists: Ambrose Seddon, Marcus Leadley, Matthew Shaw, Adrian Newton, Laura Reid, ivon oates, Pete Treglown, 'Dog on a Deckchair', David Rogers, 'Gerauschhersteller', Allan Upton, Nigel Slight, Oliver Haylett, 'Nemeton' and Elisabeth Salverda.

volume 1 Double CD available from the Studio (includes bonus album 'coast to cost :: Bristol to Japan by Ralph Hoyte - download code) £14.50

A Bournemouth Emerging Arts Fringe Festival Commission.
Venue: Bournemouth Natural Science Society Museum.
Supported by: Bournemouth University, Goldsmiths University of London.


'Tipping Point' - various artists (2019)
various artists: Laura Reid, Pete Treglown, Matthew Shaw and Adrian Newton.
Exploring the impact of environmental change on Dorset ecosystems through sound and especially the possibilities of non-linear change (tipping points) driven by feedbacks and chaos.

A Bournemouth University Project.
Venue: Literary & Scientific Institute, Bridport Dorset.

CD available from the Studio £7.50


'Sounds from the Gardens [live in the Conservatory]' (2019)
various artists & participants: Kelvin Shewry, Huei Wang, Cathy, Jon, Iris, Esther, Nicholas, Marcus Leadley, Kai Kayser, Konstantinos Damianakis, Nadine Peters, Rachel Heavey, Sarah Page, Adrian Newton, Francesca Casta Gnetti, Hugo Craft-Stanley, Val Harding, Dafne Saraiva, David Rogers, Tansy Spinks and Olivir Haylett.

A Being Human Festival Commission.
Venue: Horniman Museum and Gardens, London.
Supported by: Goldsmiths University of London.

CD available from the Studio (includes bonus tracks by Poppy Moores and David Rogers) £7.50


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