World Listening Day Sunday 18th July 2021
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Lisbon-based filmmaker, curator, and organiser Raquel Castro created this year's theme.

The Unquiet Earth.

In 2020 we were forced to pause by an invisible virus. This brought countless consequences to the environment , and to the sonic environment in particular. New acoustic horizons emerged, signalling times of unquietness and global change, and requiring our listening awareness to evolve.

Since its inception in 2010, thousands of people from six continents have participated in World Listening Day. July 18th is the birth date of renowned Canadian composer, music educator, and author, R. Murray Schafer. With the World Soundscape Project he developed the fundamental ideas and practices of acoustic ecology in the 1970s. These inform the current, burgeoning interest in our changing acoustic environment.

electricbackroom STUDIO Call Out for contributions:

The STUDIO would like to invite you to contribute to WLD 2021.
Please include your name, location and time of day with all recordings and/or responses.

Maximum number of contributions 3 in each category.

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1. BandCamp Album - plus bonus items Video - Pics - Texts:

Technical specifications

File format - .wav or mp3 44.1kHz sample rate 1 to 5 minutes duration
(PLEASE include a still image).

File format - QuickTime movie (.MOV) or MPEG-4 files - 1 to 5 minutes duration.

File format - .jpg, 72dpi, landscape 800 pixels wide (maximum size 1.5MB)

Text (descriptive or creative responses):
File format - .doc or .docx

2. YouTube Channel:
File format - QuickTime movie (.MOV) or MPEG-4 files - 1 to 5 minutes duration.

3. Aporee Soundmap:
File format - .wav or mp3 44.1kHz sample rate (1 to 5 minutes duration)

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