electric re::view #16 - August 2021
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Arts & Culture declare a Climate & Ecological Emergency

CDE is a growing international movement of individuals and organisations in the cultural sector declaring climate and ecological emergency. This means telling the truth, taking action and seeking justice.

Letters to the Earth

Began in February 2019 in collaboration with Culture Declares Emergency, when the British public were invited to put pen to paper and write a creative response to the climate and ecological emergency. The invitation was open to interpretation and open to all. Within a month. over 1000 letters poured in from all over the world - from 4 year olds to great grandparents, artists, scientists, nurses.


Sound Fishing [livestream part 2] :: by Lynn Davy, Adrian Newton,
Arthur Newton and David Rogers (2021)

Livestream of the sounds of the River Allen and River Stour, Wimborne, Dorset. Listen to the sounds of the river, using microphones both above and below the water surface. Part of the BEAF festival 2021.


Beuys' Acorns :: by Ackroyd & Harvey at the TATE Modern (2021)

In response to the climate emergency, artists Ackroyd & Harvey have installed Beuys' Acorns, a group of 100 oak trees, on Tate Modern's South Terrace.

Read Online:

Listen to How Loud the Sea Is :: by Amorina Kingdon (2017)

Interactive sound map explores the busy marine soundscape around the Salish Sea, from kayaks to cruise ships.

Play Online:

Bumps Per Minute :: by Anna Meredith (2021)

Bumps Per Minute, a new interactive sound work from composer Anna Meredith, commissioned by Somerset House, London.

Track of the month:

Plastic Ocean :: by ivon oates and David Rogers (2017) https://divacontemporary.bandcamp.com/album/p-l-a-s-t-i-c-o-c-e-a-n

ivon oates and David Rogers, improvisation using pre-recorded audio, mimicking the sounds of sea creatures, made using the material that pollutes the oceans - PLASTIC.....


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