electric re::view #20 - December 2021
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Exhalations by Adrian and Arthur Newton [2021]

These pieces are a celebration of breathing, and explore the process of healing through exhalation. These videos and accompanying sounds were created as part of a multi-media installation. The visuals feature videos of cloudscapes that were processed to mimic the process of respiration, by modulating them with the rhythm of breathing.

All of the sounds were generated by breathing on an electronic instrument, the Lyra 8 synthesizer. The sounds were further modulated by the sound of exhalations produced while meditating. A focus on the breath is a central element of healing approaches such as mindfulness, and seems particularly relevant during the COVID pandemic, which has affected so many people by restricting their ability to breathe. At the same time, the visuals remind us that we are all connected with each other through the air that we breathe.

Read (download):

scores  |  over borders #1 & #2
curated by Jez riley French and Pheobe riley Law [2021]

This publication began as an idea to share some of our own scores* connected to the concept or effects of borders, which we then expanded to include work by others in our creative communities. Artists / composers were asked to send scores (text scores, graphic scores) that, in some way, referenced border; social, political, virtual, perceptual, environmental or between species. Our thanks to all those who responded with their work.

* a smaller selection of these are included

It is now available as a free PDF available here & via the Walking Festival of Sound website here  - including work by: Pheobe riley Law Jez riley French Line Elkjær Gabrielle Harnois-Blouin Isabella Stevenson Signe Liden Espen Sommer Eide Manfred Werder Helen Frosi Stephen Chase Manja Risti? Tomoko Hojo Yifeat Ziv lo wie Carole Finer Eleanor Cully Iris Garrelfs Annie Goh Asha Sheshadri Lucie Stepankova Catherine Kontz

The PDF is also part of the 'walking as a question' event here.


undercurrents :: a celebration of the River Allen
by Adrian Newton and David Rogers [2021]

A contribution to Wimborne Community Theatre’s river project "Our Rivers Run Through Us" www.wimbornecommunitytheatre.co.uk

Track of the month:

Final Grooves by Marcus Leadley [2021]

The music ends.

The needle traces its way through the final groove before establishing orbit around the label.... 


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