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Thinking is a phenomenon of life. It is exhibited in endlessly varied kinds of behaviour in the stream of life. Its forms are aspects of a form of life, of a culture.
We need not fear that our machines will out-think us – though we might well fear that they will lead us to cease to think for ourselves.

What they lack is not computational power, but animality. Desire and suffering, hope and frustration are roots of thought, not mechanical computation.

16. In this book [The Great Philosophers 1 – Wittgenstein] I have drawn freely on previous writings of mine on Wittgenstein’s philosophical psychology. For a much more detailed treatment, see P.M.S. Hacker, Wittgenstein: Meaning and Mind, Volume 3 of an Analytic Commentary on the Philosophical Investigations, Part1 – The Essays [Blackwell, Oxford, 1993].

©P.M.S. Hacker 1997


photograph by nigel slight