Tipping Point

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Bournemouth University Project 2019

Adrian Newton • Ambrose Seddon • David Rogers


Literary & Scientific Institute, Bridport Saturday 6th July 13.00 – 18.00

Exploring the impact of environmental change on Dorset ecosystems through sound and especially the possibilities of non-linear change (tipping points) driven by feedbacks and chaos. Focusing on ecoacoustics, an emerging interdisciplinary field that explores the sounds made by species in human-modified and pristine environments.

1-6pm Interactive installation by Ambrose Seddon in the courtyard:
sound art diffused on a multi-speaker array.

1-3pm Wireless headphone Installation by Adrian Newton in the canteen:
sound art broadcast over wireless headphone system.

3.30-4.15pm Talk by Adrian Newton in the canteen [FREE see below]:
Science and Practice of ecoacoustics. How sound recording technologies can be used to characterise ecosystems and explore ecological processes, including tipping points resulting from environmental change.

4.30-6pm SHH! concert in the canteen [FREE see below]:
wireless headphone concert of live and pre-recorded ecoacoustic works.

Laura Reid

Pete Treglown

Matthew Shaw

Adrian Newton

FREE tickets for Talk and Concert available from: eventbrite.com

Bournemouth University and electricbackroom.


Programme :: Saturday 6th 16.30 - 18.00
Wireless Headphone Concert Live Performances
in the canteen

Tipping Point 1 by Laura Reid

Tipping Point 2 by Pete Treglown

Tipping Point 3 by Matthew Shaw

Tipping Point 4 by Adrian Newton

avaialable as a download release on DIVAcontemporary Bandcamp