electric re::view #10 - February 2021
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Lifeforms in the invisible world :: Nemeton (2020)


Sounds of an imaginary complex ecosystem of invisible lifeforms. Many technologists believe that artificial intelligence is reaching towards a stage where it might be considered as another kind of life. At the same time, through developments in synthetic biology, scientists are developing new forms of life in the laboratory. But what kind of life might this be? What might these invisible lifeforms sound like?

Exhibition [online]:

Medium Earth :: Curated by Ruby Arrowsmith-Todd (2020)


Medium Earth is an exhibition for the digital realm, exploring the vital ecologies that bind species together. The online project Earth return is a collaboration between Ama Josephine Budge, April Lin and Sam Smith for Art Gallery NSW. The audio-visual work uses text and image to navigate ecology via humankind’s relationship to the elemental and is best experienced on desktop with sound on.


Espaces éphémères :: Ambrose Seddon (2020)

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Future Cities :: Cities and Memory (2020)


Track of the Month:

New Space Music (Visualizer) :: Brian Eno (2020)


Album of the month:

Civilization Phaze III :: Frank Zappa (1994)

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