electric re::view #12 - April 2021
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above: lost and found 2 :: David Rogers (2021)


Night Fall by Dutch National Ballet (2016)

Dutch National Ballet presents Night Fall, the first Virtual Reality ballet in the world. Enter a fascinating world where the boundary between dreams and reality seems to vanish. Through Virtual Reality, you become totally immersed in the story. Night Fall is inspired by the famous ‘white acts’ from Swan Lake and La Bayadère. The music was especially composed for the film by Robin Rimbaud (Scanner) and is performed by violinist Pieter van Loenen.

Online Concert:

Collective Unconsciousness by Stories No One Wants Me To Tell (2021)
Monday 5th April at 6pm - Friday 9th April at 9pm - Sunday 11th April at 2pm
No longer available. See a teaser HERE.

Collective Unconsciousness, concert piece by SNOWMTT premiered on MXLR - Monday, April 5 at 19h00 GMT+1, Friday April 9, 22hOO GMT+1, Sunday April 11 15h00 GMT +1. Recorded live at La Malterie, Lille, courtesy of Collectif Muzzix.

Stories No One Wants Me To Tell is a project featuring Marjorie Van Halteren (voice, electronics, synth), Christian Vasseur (guitar, electronics, voice) and Philippe Lenglet (guitar, electronics, voice), drawing from the echoes of memories from interesting lives.


Atmosphere of Mona 'Audiobook' by Matthew Shaw (2021)

“It is a very innovative work; plangent and melancholy and almost certainly the first haunted book I have ever read.”
Sir Tim Smit, author, Co-founder of Eden Project & The lost gardens of Heligan

Reignite - BBC R4 Sounds (2021)

Over the last year, patterns of human behaviour have changed as never before, because of lockdown. In this programme, Martha Kearney asks what impact that change has had on wildlife and the natural world. With more people spotting birds in their gardens last spring and tales of goats roaming the streets of Llandudno, there was a perception that wildlife boomed and flourished when people stayed at home. Martha asks whether that is really what happened and learns about some fascinating evidence about the complex web of relationships between people and animals.


John Cage in Mexico by Gabriel Villalobos (2020)
Link to download .PDF

Cage’s relations to Mexico date back to the 1940s, through his admiration for the work
of composer Carlos Chávez. The latter’s book Toward a New Music—one of the first writings
in history to address the potential of electronic music—was of particular influence.

Take Part:

Reveil SoundCamp8 - Off Grid (International Dawn Chorus Day 1–2 May 2021)

Reveil is a 24+1 hour radio broadcast following sunrise around the earth on Dawn Chorus Day. The program is constructed from live audio feeds sent in by streamers at daybreak. For this 8th edition, soundtent.org are calling for out-side streams, soundcamps, and radio stations to relay the broadcast.

Reveil SC 8 is a project of the Acoustic Commons network: Full Of Noises, Locus Sonus, CONA, HMU, Cyberforest. In partnership with Wave Farm WGXC (NY), Resonance (London), and participating stations.

Details of electricbackroom STUDIO International Dawn Chorus Day event TBA.

Track of the Month:

Like a Magic Lantern by Marjorie Van Halteren (2021)

Second track in an album-in-process, From My Lips to Odd Ears. All sounds made from processed voice, except media clips.

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