electric re::view #18 - October 2021
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Sturzstrom (a landslide event for voices) by Marc Yeats (2012)

'sturzstrom' was commissioned by the Lighthouse, Poole with support from the Jurassic Coast World Heritage Site and the Paul Hamlyn Foundaton as part of Coastal Voices. Coastal Voices was granted the Inspire mark by the London 2012 Olympic and Paralympic Games Inspire programme.


Bournemouth Arts By The Sea Festival 1st - 3rd October [2021]

Wimborne Green Festival 16th - 23rd October [2021]
U N D E R C U R R E N T S :: soundfishing [3]

Adrian Newton, David Rogers and Lynn Davy will be 'soundfishing' again on the River Allen.

Venue: Walford Mill Crafts and in a gazebo in the courtyard (Cafe).

Audio/Video Installation in Walford Mill from Sunday 17th.

Listen to the sounds of the river from the gazebo in the courtyard Thursday 21st and Friday 22nd 2 - 4pm. Microphones and radio headphones allowing you to listen in live / pre-recorded sound, have a go at sound fishing.
An interactive demonstration.

Performance - Headphone Concert in the courtyard Thursday 21st 5 - 5.40.

Performance - Headphone Concert in the courtyard Friday 22nd a.m. (tbc)

Download S O U N D F I S H I N G [2] from the studio BandCamp webpage.

b-side festival online :: That Other Place [2021]

Click on the b-side logos scattered across the island to view and enjoy unique artworks.

Open Call:

Cities and Memory Shortwave [2021]

Shortwave radio is one of the most fascinating sonic worlds – capturing vital moments in world history as well as the thrill of pirate radio, clandestine radio stations, secretive number stations and military and spy radio. All of humanity is truly out there to be listened to at the turn of a dial.

Cities and Memory is a global, collaborative sound art and mapping project that remixes the world, one sound at a time. The project covers more than 100 countries and territories with 5,000 sounds, and more than 1,000 contributing artists.


From My Lips to Odd Ears by Marjorie Van Halteren [2021]

framework radio [September 2021]

autumn is here! the chill has settled on framework HQ, although we begin this program with a wintery intro, proceed intro tropical rainforests, move onto the water, and take in the smell of passing time. nothing else to add really – enjoy the leaves!

Track of the month:

Shinrin-yoku by Adrian Newton [2015]

Choral compositions by Sianed Jones arranged by Karen Wimhurst.
Based around a traditional Haiku poem written by Matuso Basho.


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