electric re::view #2 - June 2020
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In the bakery

experimental soundscape from an old bakery building in Bridport, Dorset. Joe Stevens and David Rogers images by Eva Fahle-Clouts.


Tales of Sonic Displacement
SoCCoS (Sound of Culture – Culture of Sound) Julia Eckhardt Q-O2

SoCCoS began with the simple idea that a residency abroad can be more meaningful for artists than one at home, that through time and space away from known environment and everyday routines new sites and different cultures can be discovered, skills developed, and networks expanded. [2016].

Track of the Month:

Herds of Apollo by Marcus Leadley

Continuing the theme of new releases for 2020: haven't done anything like this in a good long while. My brother Tim on drums and myself of guitar, bass, keys and effects. From the forthcoming eponymous album by Herds of Apollo due out in the Autumn on DIVA contemporary.

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