electric re::view #22 - April 2022
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Take Me To The River :: Saturday 12th March
Cape Farewell and Bournemouth University
in partnership with Dorchester Science Festival.

Offered a unique opportunity to work with scientists 'in the field' as they conducted research at the Cape Farewell artists residency site north of Dorchester.

Image: Professor Genoveva Esteban using microscopes as she explores the beginnings of life and biodiversity on our planet.
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Radiolarians :: Michael Pisaro-Liu (2021)

Radiolarians consists of transcriptions of some of the creatures drawn in Ernst Haeckel's book, Die Radiolarien from 1862. Fascinated by their forms and mineral skeletons, Michael Pisaro has created scores from 14 of Haeckel's representations. Each one becomes an independent musical entity made up of various rhythmic and melodic patterns. The choice of pitches, harmonies, melodic patterns and noise elements are determined by the skeleton forms of these 14 organisms.

Michael Pisaro-Liu has imagined these radiolarians as living beings floating in the primordial sea, which is conceived as a key component of the piece.

Noise elements symbolize the water throughout the entire work, while the radiolarians appear and disappear, sometimes moving alone, sometimes simultaneously.

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Sea :: Rowan Watkins (2018)
From SOUNDS HEXperimental by young creatives).


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