electric re::view #23 - June 2022
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Music Patron :: Sound and Music (2022)

Music Patron is initially working with 9 composers representing a diverse range of backgrounds, music styles, and career stages. Each composer will bring different ideas to help us test and develop the platform.

Music Patron's aim is to connect thousands of patrons to some of today's most exciting composers, and showcase the richness and diversity of new music created in the UK.


Mindfulness found in freshwater listening :: by David de la Haye,
Dr. Sally Warring and Joseph Truswell

Freshwater ponds and streams might look tranquil on the surface, but listen underwater and we can hear amazing sounds produced by an array of aquatic lifeforms, including plants and insects.


The Essay - The Sounds of Tyne - In the Dark :: by Rob Mackey (2022)
BBC sounds available for over a year

In the Dark Segedunum Fort at Wallsend marks the eastern end of Hadrian's Wall. Jacob Polley listens to the sounds of the lamp posts as they rattle through the night. An immersive audio experience from Radio 3's After Dark festival at Sage Gateshead.

Five different podcasts recorded by award-winning composer and sound artist Rob Mackay at five locations where remains of Hadrian's Wall can be found in Newcastle. A rich audio landscape complemented by the words of writers and poets as they respond to the sounds of Tyne.

Producer Mark Rickards
A Bespoken Media production.

Between the Ears - The Lark Descending :: by Hinako Omori (2022)
BBC sounds available for over a year


Pay attention to Crucial Listening :: Adrian Newton and Jack Chuter (2022)

An interview with musician, author and podcaster Jack Chuter, exploring how sound art and experimental music can help save the world. Or at least, how they can enrich people's lives. The discussion mostly focuses on Jack's own podcast, Crucial Listening, which explores important records chosen by leading sound makers. You can find out more about Crucial Listening, and the equally wonderful Attn:Magazine that Jack curates, on this link: https://www.attnmagazine.co.uk/category/cruciallistening


Four new releases recorded during an artist residency at The WaterShed, Cape Farewell's HQ in Dorset :: by Adrian Newton and David Rogers (2022)
By Adrian Newton

https://divacontemporary.bandcamp.com/album/sound-fishing-4-below-the-surface https://divacontemporary.bandcamp.com/album/sydling-water-dawn-chorus
By David Rogers

Coming up:

sounding shore :: COAST TO COAST (11th june 2022)
Wireless headphone concert on the beach at the Whitstable Biennale 2022. electricbackroom STUDIO, Cement Fields - New Art North Kent and Goldsmiths University of London (call for participants)

Radio Art Zone :: RiverRun by David Buckland (8th/9th July 2022) https://www.supermiro.lu/en/events/418097-e22-radio-art-zone-riverrun-by-david-buckland-radio-87-8-fm-esch2022-esch-sur-alzette

Radio Art Zone is a 100-day art radio station for the European Capital of Culture Esch2022, which will be broadcast in the south of Luxembourg on 87.8 FM by Radio ARA. The schedule consists of two daily programs. On the one hand, newly commissioned 22-hour radio productions created by more than 100 international and local artists. Second, two-hour live broadcasts from a kitchen space, which can change location at will. The format of this show will be open, to allow natural discussions to develop between artists visiting Esch2022 and members of the public – the ice being broken by cooking together.

World Listening Day (16/17 July 2022)
Sound Walks and BandCamp downloads. https://divacontemporary.bandcamp.com/album/world-listening-day-2020


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