electric re::view #24 - July 2022 - SUMMER SPECIAL
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Tune In:

Radio Art Zone :: RiverRun by David Buckland [8/9 July 2022]

RiverRun interrogates how Rivers are ecological arturaries of human and non-human well-being. In the UK and throughout Europe our rivers are seriously polluted from human waste release, farm run-off of nitrates, phosphates and animal waste, and algae growth.

Among this detritus, RiverRun celebrates just how magical a river can be – inspirational, healing, and imbedded into our own psyches - musically celebrated by so many artists.

For twenty-two hours a soundscape explores the chalk rivers of Dorset – home to salmon runs, eco-diversity, the sound of beauty, creatures, and magic. Through the spoken word, learned papers, fables, harvested hydroponic creatures, the dawn chorus, and the work of science, RiverRun brings what we have and what we stand to lose.

David Buckland creator and founder of the Cape Farewell project, an artist, filmmaker, and ecological activist has created and directed RiverRun.


VCS4:2022 :: Goldsmiths University of London [June 2022]

A day of talks and discussion about, and performances with, the unique EMS VCS4 Live Performance Module, organised by Dr Marcus Leadley. This is a key element of Goldsmiths' new modular synthesizer suite at the Electronic Music Studios in the Department of Music, where it is available for use by our music students, researchers and visiting artists. The VCS4 was built by the world-renowned Electronic Music Studios Ltd (EMS) company in London more than 50 years ago and was one of a number of synthesisers used in the 1970s by pioneers of British electronic music.


Soundwood by Adrian Newton [June 2022]

Many musical instruments, such as guitars, clarinets and violins, are made from tree species that are threatened with extinction. Rather than contributing to the biodiversity crisis, might there be ways in which music could help solve this problem?

With contributions from composer and clarinettist Karen Wimhurst https://www.karenwimhurst.co.uk/ and forester / musician Robin Walter https://www.livingwithtrees.co.uk/.


Sounding Shore :: coast to coast at the Whitstable Biennale [June 2022]

wireless headphone concert on the beach - channel [B] pre-recorded programme:
Freda D'Souza
Sam L Taylor
Two Wheels [Mercedes Maresca / Tote Rubio]
ivon oates and David Rogers

expect underwater sounds, home made instruments, the music of broken things, hidden sounds, elemental interactions and grand gestures…

Curated and facilitated by Marcus Leadley and David Rogers produced in collaboration with Cement Fields - New Art North Kent, Goldsmiths, University of London and electricbackroom STUDIO.

Mastered by Marcus Leadley
Produced by David Rogers for electricbackroom STUDIO

Join In:

World Listening Day [18 July 2022] Sound Walks and BandCamp downloads.

electricbackroom STUDIO will be compiling and publishing a BandCamp audio download and .pdf booklet of participants audio, images and text responses to this years WLD theme 'Listening Across Boundaries'.


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