electric re::view #25 - September 2022
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Radio Glaces a donné lieu à l'édition d'une « carte d'écoute »
by Pali Meursault and Thomas Tilly (2022)


Créée par Rémi Pollio/Aïuto! et éditée par Alpes ISHERE, elle propose une plongée graphique et géographique en Oisans, et accompagne vos écoutes embarquées grâce à des indications détaillées pour accéder à chacun des sites.

La carte de Radio Glaces est disponible gratuitement dans les offices de tourismes de La Grave – La Meije, des 2 Alpes et de L'Alpe d'Huez ; ainsi qu'au Centre d'Art Bastille (Cab) à Grenoble.

Vous pouvez en télécharger une version pdf en cliquant sur l'image, mais également obtenir votre exemplaire (contre remboursement des frais de ports) en adressant une demande à : contact@radioglaces.net.

Learning Deep Listening by Adrian Newton and Lynn Davy (2022)

According to Pauline Oliveros, 'deep listening' offers a way to connect with the acoustic environment, by going beneath the surface of what is heard, and by exploring the relationships between sounds, both natural and technological. This podcast documents an attempt to develop a deep listening practice, by conducting some of the exercises presented in Oliveros's book 'Deep listening: a composers sound practice'.

The Sampler @ Resonance FM #13 (2022)

An hour of eclectic new music, brought to you by Sound and Music. This issue, released at the end of Pride Month 2022, celebrates the wonderful music of LGBTQI+ composers from all over the UK and beyond.

As heard on Resonance FM on Friday 24 June 2022 at 12:00 and a repeat listen on Monday 27 June 2022 at 09:00, hosted by Laonikos

Slow Tone Collages Bundle 002
by Music For Sleep/Grotta Veterano/overdriven dreams



Confluence 2 :: wireless headphone concert (10 september 2022 11am - 4.30pm)

Confluence microfestival of experimental sound returns to Wimborne. A day of experimental electronic / ambient / sound art curated by Nemeton (Adrian Newton)

Venue: Walford Mill Crafts Courtyard, Wimborne BH21 1NL.

Join In:

World Rivers Day (25 September 2022) Sound Fishing and BandCamp Download. https://worldriversday.com/

electricbackroom STUDIO will be compiling and publishing a BandCamp audio download and .pdf booklet of participants audio, images and text responses to this years WRD.

World Rivers Day is a celebration of the world's waterways. It highlights the many values of our rivers, strives to increase public awareness, and encourages the improved stewardship of all rivers around the world. Rivers in virtually every country face an array of threats, and only through our active involvement can we ensure their health in the years ahead.

2020 WRD STUDIO download available here: https://divacontemporary.bandcamp.com/album/world-rivers-day-2020

Track of the month:

Slouching Towards How But Far From Why by Marjorie Van Halteren (2022)


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