electric re::view #3 - July 2020
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The regularJOE edition :: World Listening Day Saturday 18th July

You are invited to participate in World Listening Day 2020, an annual global event held every July 18. This year’s theme is THE COLLECTIVE FIELD created by internationally acclaimed Katherine and Bernie Krause.

electricbackroom STUDIO will be compiling and publishing a BandCamp audio download and .pdf booklet of participants audio, images, text, responses to this years WLD theme THE COLLECTIVE FIELD.

Example of previous WLD responses:

Technical specifications:

Maximum number of contributions 3 in each category:

Please email your pictures and text contributions to david@electricbackroom.org.uk

Audio files can be sent via wetransfer.com


File format - .wav or mp3 44.1kHz sample rate (1 to 5 minutes duration)


File format - .jpg, 72dpi, landscape 800 pixels wide (maximum size 1.5MB)

Text (descriptive or creative responses):

File format - .doc or .docx

Please include your name, location and time of day with all contributions.


All Trees are Clocks :: Emily Burridge | Karen Wimhurst | Adrian Newton

The piece features field recordings made throughout the year in beech woods currently undergoing dieback, in the New Forest National Park, UK. The passage of time is marked by the sound of breaking twigs and branches of trees that have recently died. These elements are combined with vocal textures derived from a set of chords with roots moving around the cycle of fifths, representing the cyclical dynamics of woodland ecosystems.

‘Cello composition and performance: Emily Burridge (http://www.emilyburridge.com/)
Choral composition and performance: Karen Wimhurst (http://www.karenwimhurst.co.uk/)
Choral performance: Kate Symonds, Lynnet Williams, Hans Bray, Ed Bersey, Victoria Pirie
Field recording, sound processing and editing, video: Adrian Newton (http://nemeton.org.uk/)
Still photography: Paul Allen (http://paulallen.co.uk)
Studio engineer: Ed Bersey at Sylvafield (http://www.sylvafield.com)


Wildlife Sound Recording Society

The Wildlife Sound Recording Society is a worldwide group of amateur and professional recordists of wildlife sounds dedicated to developing recording skills no matter what age or ability. Core aims of the society are to: - Encourage participation in the collection of these wonderful sounds of the natural world. - To help promote the need to understand their meanings. Through its members, the Society fosters development in: - Recording skills and techniques - Promoting the study of bioacoustics.


Music, Soundscape and Acoustic Sustainability by Barry Truax
.pdf of the full text here

With environmental issues and the concept of sustainability being of current concern, some artists and musicians are considering their relationship to such issues, and asking what responsibility they might have as a result and what practical contributions they are qualified to make.

Track of the Month:

The Days Grow Short [Ghosts of July] by Marjorie Van Halteren

From the digital download Sounds from the Gardens, Being Human Festival 2019. Curated by Dr Marcus Leadley (Goldsmiths, University of London) exploring the sounds of the Horniman Museum and Gardens and our impact on the environment.

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