electric re::view #4 - August 2020
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Alright Charlie :: Westfield Academy students (2013)

'Make a Film in a Day' workshops for Westfield Academy, Somerset students
activities week. Created by: Warren Taylor, Amii Loannou, Kieran Pinkstone,
Charlie Tucker, Mollie Amor and Kerri Robson assisted by James Price.

(Read) Listen:

The Sound of Fear :: available on BBC SOUNDS (2011)

A door creaks, footsteps echo, someone's breathing - and we are terrified. But why? Sean Street investigates the psychology of fear, so potently sensitive to sound.

Context is important: anomalous noises, disembodied voices and sounds
whose origins are mysterious - all these frighten us. David Hendy reveals that, in its early day, radio itself was alarming. Louis Niebur, author of a book on the BBC's Radiophonic Workshop, reveals how in the 1950s, the advent of electronic sounds allowed programme-makers to use sounds that frightened people because they didn't know what made the noises. Sound researcher Marcus Leadley explains how this triggers a state called schizophonia.


degrees of latitude :: Alex McKechnie

Ambient Minimalist Electronic Music - created in 2019 in the old-fashioned way with C++ and various synthesisers. Inspired by Laurie Spiegel and Steve Reich. Ideal for computer programming or flower arranging.

Track of the Month:

The plague four :: Pete Treglown

Pete made this response to the C 19 debacle and is an homage to his favourite film Phase IV.

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