electric re::view #5 - september 2020
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World Rivers Day :: Sunday 27th September

You are invited to participate in World Rivers Day, an annual global event celebrated on the fourth Sunday of September.

World Rivers Day is a celebration of the world's waterways. It highlights the many values of rivers and strives to increase public awareness and encourages the improved stewardship of rivers around the world.

"Rivers are the arteries of our planet; they are lifelines in the truest sense."

Mark Angelo.

electricbackroom STUDIO will be compiling and publishing a BandCamp audio download and .pdf booklet of participants audio, images, text, responses to this years World Rivers Day, for release in November.

Technical specifications:

Maximum number of contributions 3 in each category:

Please email your pictures and text contributions to david@electricbackroom.org.uk

Audio files can be sent via wetransfer.com


File format - .wav or mp3 44.1kHz sample rate (1 to 5 minutes duration)


File format - .jpg, 72dpi, landscape 800 pixels wide (maximum size 1.5MB)

Text (descriptive or creative responses):

File format - .doc or .docx

Please include your name, location and time of day with all contributions.


Array13 :: ivon oates and Duncan Whitley [2012]

Array13 is a meditation on Rampisham Transmission Station in Dorset. The multi-channel sound and video work centres on a series of sound recordings, captured by attaching contact microphones to the wire "arrays" in Rampisham's antennae field. Stimulated by wind, the wires begin to "speak", creating a shifting, haunting chorus.


HERstory USA Podcast :: Laura Reid

8/17/2020 - Episode 16 features guest Laura Reid, cellist and composer. In this episode, Laura discusses her career, compositions, and her new opera production, "Isis Goddess of Love" from Imaginary Opera.

imaginary opera UPDATE - digital launch on Friday 11th September at around 8pm follow website and socials for more information.


World Listening Day :: The Collective Field [2020]

Download the digital album from electricbackroom STUDIO's BandCamp website, audio download includes .pdf booklets and bonus audio and video items.

PLUS: link to download 'Bridport to West Bay' a PVA MediaLab project from 2010.


Orchestration of Ecology, as Ecology :: James O'Callaghan [2013]
.pdf of the full text here

There are two ways in which orchestration can benefit from ecological models. Owing to the two different preposition in the article's title, James discusses the notion of adapting environmental sounds to musical materials in the context of instrumental music (Orchestration of Ecology), and also outline an approach to orchestration based on systems of balance and unbalance found in different sonic environments (Orchestration as Ecology).

Track of the Month:

Bird Box :: Marc Yeats [2010]

Reconstructed piccolo: all the sounds in this work are realisations of extracted and digitally treated sounds all derived from the piccolo.

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