Manchester Central Library 2017

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Limited Edition    

Nicola Dale (artist in residence at Manchester Central Library) and Michael Hampton (writer and book artist) published a limited edition of 25 books, recording a two months online conversation they carried out in 2016. They then sent out a copy each to 25 artists, writers etc asking for responses. Each participant will then receive a copy of someone else’s book.

The next stage of the project will be dependent upon the responses.





Medium / techniques: Dictionary: Lost mould method where a chosen book is invested in a crystalline silica mo

uld which is then p


laced in a kiln wher

e the original book is burnt away. The resultin

g void is filled with a suitable molten m


al. In

this case bronze. The false ledger

is an adapted ex-book. The refractory gloves conceal a miniature amplifier recording Klezmer music. The attached mp3 file is an example only, as a piece is being especially written for this work.


Artists Statement

In response to the Dale/Hampton project, Nigel Slight chose 50 nouns pronouns, adjective, verbs and, adverbs from the ‘book’, then randomly selected 30 to use as a starting point. Nigel chose this number as it made possible (easier) to form a pattern appropriate to the format and dimensions of the book. Also by increasing the number of book works, and potential participants, from 25 to 30, meant he was able to dedicate chosen historical figures, including William Caxton, Ada Lovelace and Alan Turing. Slight suggested that any reference to either the Difference or Analytical Engines would no doubt come under Metaphysics!

Email from Nigel Slight to Nicola Dale:

You will see from the attachments that the ‘series’ kick started by yours and Michaels book is underway. I chose the kitchen table as the primary workplace in the hope I can ‘stand the heat’.

I’ll get the two questions and the proposition out of the way, as they are already somewhat obsolete:

I – What is the objective of the subject.
II – What is the subject of the object.

Given the prospect, albeit unlikely, of my finding answers to the questions, the proposition would be to construct an analogue, digital interface that would be perceived as creatively logical.

Some hope!

Other considerations are coming into play, especially gravity. However one defines ‘sculpture’, object making and most conceptual forms are determined by gravitational potential. So far my attempts with magnets notwithstanding – but often falling.

Nigel Slight
March 2017