U N D E R C U R R E N T S :: soundfishing [3]
Wimborne Green Festival 16th - 24th October [2021]
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Adrian Newton, David Rogers and Lynn Davy will be 'soundfishing' again on the River Allen.

Venue: Walford Mill Crafts and in a gazebo in the courtyard (Cafe).

PROGRAMME of events:

Audio/Video Installation Adrian Newton, Arthur Newton, Lynn Davy and David Rogers in Walford Mill from Wednesday 20th - Sunday 24th.

Listen to the sounds of the river from the gazebo in the courtyard Thursday 21st and Friday 22nd 2 - 4pm. Microphones and radio headphones allowing you to listen in live / pre-recorded sound, have a go at sound fishing. An interactive demonstration.

Performance - Headphone Concert in the courtyard Thursday 21st 5 - 5.40PM.

Sound Walk available from October 16th (earphones recommended).
Take a leisurely walk along the river from Walford Bridge, listening to sounds made by creatures living in the river Allen. Created by Adrian Newton and David Rogers.

The Sound Walk is accessed by using your phone
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